Services Available

Initial Consultation - Free

Initial Consultation (an informal meeting) is utilized to ensure that Client and Coach match comfortably and will discuss potential strategies for presented goals and needs.

Life Coaching  / Transformational Coaching

Coaching through general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what obstacles or challenges there might be, and choosing a course of action to create one's life - perhaps rewriting one's entire story; creating one's life plan and / or starting one's vision, mission or life ambition.

Relationship Coaching

To provide an understanding of relationships, partnerships, marriage, loss, to even romance. To take the Client to the next level of a satisfying relationship, social skills, commitment, facing difficult times, communication, conflict resolution and other tools that will ensure that the person(s) achieve the healthy relationship or friendship they long for. 

Executive Coaching

To assist owners of small to medium size businesses with guidance, encouragement, a sounding board, leadership skills, accountability, sales, marketing, management, work-life balance, working remotely, etc.  To help the owner stay on point...focus on the end game.

Career or Job Search Coaching

In regard to any facet of your career: from Resume Drafting, to posting on Job Sites / Company Sites, setting up a LinkedIn Profile, finding Recruiters, learning Interviewing skills, Networking, getting past Anxiety & Fears, instilling Confidence and Self-efficacy, or just to determine Ideal Job or Career, coaching can definitely assist. 


In addition to all, coaching can assist you in fitting into a particular work environment / culture, increasing leadership skills, increasing work efficiency, finding that work-life balance; assisting the Client to have that sense of Work Satisfaction.

High Performance Coaching

To provide the skills and knowledge to perform under high pressure or situations, the ability to bounce back, take the high ground, and remain motivated, focused and positive - even if the performance is standing in front of a conference room, increasing team productivity, climbing the side of a mountain, playing a sport, or performing on a theatrical stage.


A personally designed hypnotic session to assist the Client on whatever issue(s) they would like to address.  This conveniently designed - personalized session can be listened to in the comfort of one's home or office. The session will provide the Client with the empowerment, suggestions, re-programming patterns of behavior, while the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious mind is revealed.  

Reiki Hypnotherapy

Reiki-Hypnotherapy provides the best of Meditation, Hypnosis and the healing properties of Energy Medicine / Reiki. The combination is quite effective for relaxation and stress / anxiety, in addition for dealing with mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues - providing at times the needed release.  Performed by a Reiki Master Teacher, the sessions / MP3s are recorded to provide the Client the treatment in the comfort of one's home or office.


Learn the different forms of mediation to determine the most effective for your lifestyle and needs or based on your personal preferences. Through simple instructions and practice, meditation can become part of your daily life. The Meditation Advisor will take you step by step to experience profound relaxation, mental focus and clarity, stress reduction; training oneself to believe in themselves and achieve goals, dreams and ambitions.   Enrich your soul, improve body-luster and general health, increase performance and studying skills, concentration and mental strength.

Private Reiki Lessons

Private Reiki Lessons (Attunements & Certification included) with a personalized curriculum to guide you through your specific goals and aligned with your lifestyle and schedule.  Convenient (no travel time), Affordable and Effective.

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