What is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching is different for every person for coaching should align with that person's lifestyle, beliefs, environment(s), etc.   The Life Coach works with you by getting you to examine where you are currently in your life and where you want to be.   This process for you can be very thought-provoking and creative, but will inspire you to determine and act upon the needed changes in your life to maximize your personal and professional potential.   A Life Coach understands that you are the expert of your life and honors the paths you determine are appropriate. 


The coach's role in this alliance is to:

Collaborate, motivate and inspire the client to discover what the client truly wants to achieve;

Support and encourage during the client's self-discovery issues and phases;

Work through and align all aspects of the client generated solutions and strategies; and

Ensure that the client is responsible, accountable and action-driven during all determined and agreed-upon path forwards.


You will get to address your problems and challenges strategically with someone who will listen, collaborate and guide toward solutions, your solution, with no judgement, generalizations, or criticism.  Your coach can simply be a sounding board for ideas, dreams, business plans, presentation, interviews… whatever is needed to progress you on your future.


Any negativity, internal, external…your coach will challenge you to examine those limiting beliefs and focus you on the path forward.


Your coach has a wide range of techniques and modalities to assist you on identifying what you would like to have, like to be, and / or like to do.  You will learn your true values, create the story of your life you want… you determine it should be and will have someone there with you every step of the way toward that plan and fulfilling your dream.



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